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13 Months Calendar

From European perspective, we are always thinking how medieval to use US customary units like pounds, inches, cups, yards, or stones. What if I would say that we are hypocrites when it comes to European metrics that we still use!

Have you ever thought about the irregular concept called “the calendar”?

Gregorian calendar

Our current Gregorian calendar has 12 months, and each month has different amount of days (30, 31, or 28/29). All the months are named after some roman emperor, myth god, or roman numbers. There are weeks in each month, but somehow months and weeks are not matching with each other well, that turns to make this “metric” very unpredictable. I think our calendar is very old fashioned due to some old constraints that we have.

What if I would say that there is a better way?

The superior way is having 13 months, where each months have 28 days and 1 festive day.

(13*28) +1 = 364 +1 = 365 days

In this calendar, we could set that every month starts with Monday, and each month finished with a Sunday. This property allows this new calendar to be a standardized metric, so that you would know that 5th of a month will be always Friday!

Hey - I am not the first person who thought about this. While I was thinking about moon movements, biological frequencies, human body, etc., I realised that a combination of solar and moon calendar would be superior than our Gregorian solar calendar.

However, the invention was way back. In the 18th century Marco Mastrofini, an Italian priest, philosopher and mathematician, suggested this calendar as “eternal calendar”. Further, in the 19th century, a french philosopher, Auguste Comte suggested the “Positivist calendar”. In the positivist calendar, he suggested that we should use new set of months that were named, in chronological historical order, for great figures in Western European history in the fields of science, religion, philosophy, industry and literature.

Positivist calendar

My take away

I really think that we should rethink about our calendar system in the new global world independent from religious believes that is superior than our current old-fashioned calendar.


While writing this post, I was also thinking how we will adapt the calendars once we become interplanetary or intergalactic settlers. I do not have yet an answer for this but maybe one of my next blog post can be about this one.