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Why I build Ms. Smith | Private Language Teacher

I’m fluent in three languages and have a working understanding of two more. My son’s linguistic journey is even more ambitious: he’s learning three languages simultaneously - his mothers’, mine, and our local tongue. This exposure has led me to a conclusion: the essence of language acquisition lies in speaking and listening.

We absorb our native languages almost effortlessly, soaking in words and phrases from our families before we’ve even grasped reading and writing. Contrast this with how we approach foreign languages: typically in classrooms or group settings, where the dynamic of one teacher to many students hampers extended, meaningful conversation.

This traditional method is ripe for disruption.

Enter the age of advanced technology. We now have the capability to interact with AI agents like ‘Ms. Smith’ on any subject of our choosing. Thanks to breakthroughs in large language models (like GPT) and speech recognition and synthesis technologies, these conversations can feel startlingly real.

That’s why I’ve developed ‘Ms. Smith | Private Language Teacher’, a custom GPT application designed to democratize access to personalized language instruction. Whether through text or voice, users can engage with Ms. Smith at their chosen proficiency level. She adapts her vocabulary to match, offers corrections, suggests alternative phrasing, and can even respond in other familiar languages.

Ms. Smith | Private Language Teacher

Many shy away from private tutors for two main reasons: cost and the fear of embarrassment. Private instruction can be prohibitively expensive, and the apprehension of making mistakes in front of another person is real.

‘Ms. Smith’ addresses both these concerns. Included in your ChatGPT Plus subscription, she is an affordable, patient, and engaging teacher who offers a judgment-free and adaptive learning environment.

You can reach to ‘Ms. Smith | Private Language Teacher’ here: https://chatg.pt/xpYHKmi